Meet Brandactivist, a strategic and creative agency for rebellious brands.

As progressive idea generators we love to create innovative new brands, sticky campaigns and manage an impeccable roll out for you. Digital or offline; we believe in an overarching big idea and are experienced in both.

Our mash up of international advertising, contemporary rock-and-roll, fashionable geekyness and a slice of global marketing expertise on client side creates cutting edge insights that put people in the heart of brands. 

Our team will blend in easy as temporary co-workers of your colleagues and suppliers or as external creative Berlin hub. We are lean and mean and create our workforce based on your communication requirements. No waste and bullshit allowed. 

Brandactivist is based in Berlin, connected to the world and collaborating with a variety of like-minded creatives, talents and agencies.

Brands we activated: Glamour, Turnover, Diesel, Wrangler, Floris van Bommel, Sony Ericsson (Sony Mobile), Microsoft, Nokia, T-Mobile, Vodafone, AEGON, Kroodle, Bacardi, Britvic's Robinson Fruit Shoot, Jägermeister, Carlsberg Group, Ibero Cruises, Opel, Mini, Volkswagen Group.

We'd love to meet you, so please do connect via mail - click the envelope - or call us: 0049 151 252 784 33